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Glossybox: A Monthly Beauty Treat

Jades photo

It is wonderful to get goodies through the post, especially the makeup kind. If you are anything like me, seeing the mail man roll up with a cute package under his arm turns me into a four year old at Christmas time. But do the Glossybox monthly beauty samples really live up to the hype?

Click Here to Be Taken Through to the Official Glossybox Website

How Does Glossybox Work?

Customers can choose between a monthly plan that costs $21 per month and they are free to cancel at anytime, alternatively you can also sign up for 3/6 and 12 month plans which can save you a little money.

Monthly plan cost $21

3 Month plans cost $60 Includes a saving of $3

6 Month plans cost $115 Includes a saving of $11

12 Month plans cost $220 Includes a saving of $32

You fill out a profile and the team at glossy box select products they they think you will love.

The company say that the products that they send you will have a value of at least double that of your subscription. Also shipping is free.

Once you have used the monthly beauty samples, the company encourage you to feedback to them what you liked and disliked about the products you received.

Glossybox Reviews

It is hard to know what is real and what is fake on the internet and therefore I asked my daughter, who is a Glossybox addict to let me know what she thought of it. Here is Glossy box summed up in her own words.

“I was a bit wary about it because whilst I had heard a lot about them through Friends on Facebook etc only a few of my friends had signed up to receive the monthly beauty samples. I must admit I do get quite excited when I know I am due a delivery.

The products are high quality and not the cheap stuff that I was expecting. I have received some really nice items and even on occasion full sized items.

However you should be aware that you are not going to like everything you get. For example I had some nail art designs that I would never use, but they went to my neighbors daughter so they didn’t go to waste.  

I think they are value for money and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them”. Jade Campbell

What’s in the Beauty Box?

glossy boxGenerally speaking the items you receive are trial sizes, however my daughter has had full size products sent to her on a few occasions.

The products are anything to do with beauty so can be hair products as well as makeup products and perfume.

They are good items and whilst you may not have heard of some of the brand names, I believe they are of a high standard.

The box itself is a beauty in itself, very cute and the items are all packaged carefully.

Comes complete with a small instruction card.

Special Glossybox Offers

The company allow you to earn points when you share your information and feedback with them and friends and the points can be used to gain free products and boxes.

They also have special promotions for new customers. For example their current promotion is a free OPI nail varnish when you sign up. However please note this offer is only valid until 1st April and to be eligible you must use the code SPRING at the checkout.

Shipping Information

The company currently ships to 48 states but not Hawaii or Alaska. The Glossy box is also available in the United Kingdom, Austria, Canada, China, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Poland, South Korea and also Sweden, Taiwan and Spain.

There is no fee for shipping, however please note that they do not ship to APO or FPO addresses.

Any Hidden Charges?

There are no additional charges, unless you live in the states of New York and California. These states are subject to tax.

Things to Be Aware Of

At present the company are not able to cater to individual allergies, therefore if you have allergies to certain ingredients you need to be aware that some products you receive may contain these ingredients.

 Example of a Glossybox

This is the example from the February box of beauty samples that went out to customers

  • A full set of Nail Rock Designer nail wraps
  • A DaVinci Cosmetics shimmer powder for cheeks or eyes
  • A Lisi Liquid Eyeliner
  • Evologie esystem intensive serum and stay clear cream.
  • Bvlgari Eau de Parfum Soap

Who This is Suited For

If you like to receive surprises and you feel like your money could be well spent then I say I buy it.  If you receive an item that you are not that keen on you can always give them away as gifts.

Personally I think this is a great inexpensive way to experiment a little. Instead of getting in a beauty rut, this gives you the opportunity to try something new without breaking the bank. You can always cancel if you feel you are not getting any value out of it after you have received a few boxes.

Don’t forget until the 1st April you can get a free OPI nail varnish if you quote SPRING at the checkout.

Click Here to Be Taken Through to the

Official Glossybox Website


Glossybox Beauty

We’ve all had more than one experience of being excited to find and purchase the perfect product only to find it’s not that great when we get it home. Maybe you were disappointed with its quality when you opened up the packaging, maybe the color looked different under the lighting in the store or the new shade just doesn’t work with your skin tone. There are far too many of us who have drawers full of cosmetics on which we have spent hundreds of dollars and yet they are never going to be used. This is where beauty samples are the perfect solution.

Are Beauty Samples the Solution?

Beauty samples give you the opportunity to try out a vast selection of products and cosmetics to find the perfect beauty products which are ideally suited to your requirements. They also have the brilliant benefit of being small enough to reduce waste. Many products such as foundations or mascara have a short shelf life but you need to use a relatively small quantity, which usually means that most of the contents of standard size containers end up in the trash.

Glossybox Beauty Samples

There are a number of online service providers whose specialty is to source beauty products and send out samples on a monthly basis. Glossybox is a great example of these companies. They pride themselves on sourcing the best value and quality products for their subscribers to sample and enjoy. [click to continue…]


travel makeup essentialsBeauty Samples like those you get with Glossybox or other beauty subscriptions are ideal for travelling. I know I tuck a lot of the travel makeup I receive from my monthly beauty subscriptions away for that rare occasion I go abroad and when I have a weekend away with the girls.

I was browsing some of my favorite sites and found this from lady light travel and I know you ladies will find it useful, I know I have.

Travel Makeup Essentials

Makeup Style

No Makeup - Some women take a break from their makeup when they go on vacation.  They only take moisturizer  and face cleanser.  This method works well for adventure travel or any destination where there is a lot of humidity and sweat.  It also works well in countries where women don’t have access to a lot of makeup and you want to blend in.

Minimalist - The minimalist look usually consists of using a tinted moisturizer and one other product, either mascara or lip color.  This is a casual/daytime  look.   It works best on trips where exercise is minimal or medium intensity, and there is no need to get dressed up.

Full Face - Many fashionistas wouldn’t be caught dead without their makeup, even in the middle of the African bush.  This look is possible even when one-bagging, but it requires pre-planning and a bit of sacrifice.

Makeup Kits

Some women like to use makeup palettes when they travel.   These are available from places like QVC, and at many makeup sales counters.  Commercial palettes are expensive but incredibly convenient.  My biggest complaint is that the color combinations never seem to be quite right for me.  I also seem to use up one of the items faster than the rest of the kit

Lancome Makeup Palette

Another option is to create your own palette using something like the Unii Makeup Palette.  This works well if you like to use a lot of solid products.  Z-palette sells a less robust version of a do-it-yourself palette.

I use a lot of liquid makeup, so I decided to create my own travel makeup kit.  It stays in my purse full-time.  This makes it easy to pack for a trip – my makeup is ready to go.  The purse kit has approximately 2-1/2 weeks worth of product within it.  When I leave for a trip I just top off my products, separate out the liquids, and put the kit in my suitcase.

A small travel makeup kit.

The contents of my travel makeup kit

Makeup Techniques

Consider the following techniques if you want to create your own travel makeup kit:

Limit the makeup palette - If you have packed a capsule wardrobe you have already limited your colors.  Restrict your makeup palette to match your capsule wardrobe.  Leave the other colors at home.

Use dual-use products - There are several products that can be used for more than one application.

  • Consider tinted moisturizer instead of bringing both moisturizer and foundation.  Tinted moisturizer is usually lighter than foundation.   You’ll appreciate this if you are going to be active or in a hot sweaty place.  It also gives you a more natural look.
  • Use wet/dry eye makeup as both shadow and eye-liner
  • Use a combination blusher/lip gloss.  In a pinch, lip stick can also be used as blusher.

Decant everything into little bottles and tubes

  • Use contact lens cases, sample jars, and eye drop bottles for liquids.  Small bottles are available from the internet.
  • Use mini-sifter jars for mineral makeup.  These are available via the internet.  They come in 3, 5, 10, and 20 gram sizes for all of your makeup needs.
  • Use free samples from makeup counters.  These are often just the right size for travel.  I hoard any tiny bottles and jars I get.  I can put my favorite products in them later.

Tiny eyedrop bottles

Small plastic jars

Stackable Sifter Jars

Use miniature brushes and makeup tools

  • Invest in a set of travel makeup brushes.  Several stores sell them.
  • Use a mini-eyelash curler.  I have a small one by Sephora.
  • Use a mini Kabuki brush if you use mineral powder.

A compact makeup brush set suitable for travel

A mini kabuki brush

Sephora mini eyelash curler


The Beauty of Beauty Samples

by Kelly on June 10, 2013

Beauty Samples

More and more women are recognizing that samples of cosmetics can form a significant component of their make up kit. They provide small enough quantities to avoid waste of items which have a shorter shelf life such as mascara or liquid foundations and allow a little more flexibility to explore the vast range of products that are available without wasting hundreds of dollars.

Try Before You Buy

Since all women have individual demands to accommodate different skin tones and conditions, samples provide a cost effective way to try out new products. The artificial lighting in stores makes it difficult to judge the color of new lipstick and can lead to expensive purchases which are never going to be used.

beautysamplesMany cosmetic companies offer samples of products with fashion magazines, surveys or as promotional gifts; however they can be a little inconsistent and not always provide a suitable product. One solution to this is online beauty sample providers. These companies provide a subscription service to allow their members to try numerous samples of beauty products. One of the market leaders in this industry is Glossybox.

How Beauty Subscriptions Work

Glossybox have an extensive and specialist team to source high quality and great value products from around the world. These products are collected into complementary ranges and sent out in boxes each month. Glossybox has been established for a great many years which has given them considerable influence in the beauty industry. They have forged strong links and respected relationships with over one hundred beauty product companies including premium and niche brands. This allows their members exclusive access to samples of products that may be difficult or expensive to acquire in stores. [click to continue…]


Giving A Glossybox Gift

by Kelly on May 29, 2013

glossybox beauty samples

Sourcing a gift for female friends can be a little challenging. Although cosmetics and beauty products can be an ideal gift, it can be difficult to accommodate personal tastes, brand preferences and individual requirements. Most women have a drawer filled with cosmetics they have either purchased themselves in error or received as a gift which will never be used. Gift certificates are practical but despite millions being spent on gift cards each year, a large sum remains unspent very year and many people are reluctant to give a gift card as they may seem a little impersonal. There is however an excellent alternative.

What is Glossybox All About?

Glossybox is a beauty sample company which sources cosmetics and beauty products from all over the world. There are a number of subscription plans which allow members to receive a Glossybox of quality cosmetic and beauty samples from luxury and niche brands. The usual subscription allows for a beauty box of products to be received each month, but members can also send out a gift box which offers a taste of Glossybox beauty. This can provide an ideal gift for any woman, whether she is a fashion thinking teen, urban and chic professional or an eco-thinking beauty. The subscription plan allows for the members profile to be tailored accommodating skin type, preferences and needs. Once the beauty profile is established Glossybox will source a suitable range of products and they will receive a box filled with five or six luxury sample sized products from a great selection of brands.

What You Can Expect From Glossybox Beauty

Glossybox have an extensive staff that has a great deal of professional expertise in the beauty industry. They have carefully forged ties and relationships with many beauty brands to insure that their members receive only products of the highest possible standard of quality. [click to continue…]