How To Get The Best Look For Your Wedding

Weddings are the hallmarks of tradition as there are dozens upon dozens of little customs, rituals, traditions and unwritten rules about what to do – and not do – at a wedding. Even with so many brides willing to take a risk these days, the default colour for a wedding dress is still white, and the hair style is an updo. But what if you’re from a different culture, or a different background and you want to incorporate a bit of that into a traditional Western- style wedding? Here’s how:

Figure Out Your Boundaries

It’s exciting to think about being a little radical, but you either need to push so much that the guests will look on the ceremony as a completely new experience, or just enough that they will appreciate the novelty and still feel comfortable. Even you will want a bit of tradition in the end. So sit down with your partner and figure out how far you wanna push: will wear a black suit, or mix it up with another colour? Is the wedding dress going to be white? Do you want to change locations? Maybe bring in traditional from other cultures? Identify what you are comfortable with, then go for it. 

Get a Professional for Makeup and Hair

A friend could potentially do your makeup, but if you want to look flawless and fresh on the big day, then get a professional for hair and makeup. Brides of Asian origin, having a Western- style wedding (whether from the South or the East), often find that the wedding stylists don’t really know how to work with their skin tones. Solution: hire an Asian make up artist in Melbourne who will know the undertones of your skin and know how to bring it out.

Most South Asian women have hooded lids, so their eye shadow should be darker towards the lash. Most East Asian women and men both have skins that can take a lot of makeup. An Asian make up artist will know this and adjust accordingly. Have a look at this website if you are looking for reliable makeup services.

The Dress Says It All

Sorry grooms, the bride is the centrepiece in a wedding. She’s the one who will draw all the gazes so if you’re the bride, make sure you find a dress that you’re completely comfortable with. All eyes are going to be on you on the big day so if you feel even a little bit uncomfortable, it will show. This is also a great way to incorporate some of your heritage into the ceremony. A bride of Indian origin could choose to wear a red lehenga as opposed to a white wedding dress, while a Japanese bride could wear a white kimono. If you don’t wanna be that daring, try a different headdress, or mehendi down your hands.

Factors To Keep In Mind About Hair Removal: Laser Technique

Shaving your legs can be a stressful activity for you. You might have to shave your legs every day in order to keep your legs smooth and silky. You can even consider waxing which is a good way for you to remove any unwanted hair from your legs or arms. If you want a more permanent solution then you must try laser hair removal. Here are some factors for you to consider on laser removal:

There are many different types of lasers which are used on the skin. The laser works by firing beams of light on to the hair follicles. The follicles kills the root and it prevents the hair from growing back again. This procedure has to be done several times in a row in order to prevent the hair from growing. You will have to spend a considerable amount of money on laser hair removal Sydney CBD treatment at

You must try your best to stay out of the sun as much as possible. You must keep in mind that you won’t be able to get this treatment done if your skin is sunburnt. If you want to have smooth skin start treatments during the winter or autumn season this way when summer comes around you will not have to worry about removing any unwanted hair.

You must shave the skin slowly and gently. You must not go for the appointment with hairy skin. It is not similar to waxing you don’t need any hair in order to do the process. You cannot do a laser session if you have waxed. The laser works on the follicle so if you do not have the root under your skin it won’t work. The best thing for you to do is to shave on the day of the appointment. The physician will do it for you if you don’t do it yourself. This is the most effective way a laser hair removal will work on your skin.

You must not use any form of tanning lotion or tanning bed on your skin. If you are worried then you can use some lightening cream on the area in order to keep your skin clear. Try to stay indoors for as long as you can in order to protect the color of your skin before any treatment session. This is the best way it will work for you.

You will have to do a test patch on your skin in order to see whether you are allergic or not. Sometimes you might develop some discoloration or scarring on the skin but if you do a test you can be sure as to whether you must go ahead with the cosmetic treatment. Make sure to wear a mask on your eyes when you are doing a test patch. Keep in mind that laser procedures are not for everyone if you find waxing to be easier for you then you must do it.

How To Look Good By Using The Correct Beauty Treatment


We all like to look pretty an attractive and spend a lot of time and money on different types of cosmetics. Even though everyone of us are born into this world with natural and attractive looks we always try to use cosmetics and look prettier because that is the latest fashion trend these days. Age is no barrier when it comes to using cosmetics because there are a variety of cosmetics in the market to suit any type of age limit. If you visit a cosmetic store you will be amazed at the variety of products that are available in the market.

Wide variety

In keeping with the latest trends and fashion in the market many cosmetic companies try to introduce different types of cosmetics for their customers. So if you were to walk into a store that sells cosmetics you will realise that there are many brands, colours and designs for your eyes, lips, face, skin and legs. You may even find it difficult to pick a colour or a brand because there are such a wide variety of products available in the market. The latest addition to the cosmetic world these days however is the feather eyebrow tattoo in Brisbane. But even though this cosmetic product is new to the field it has already gained wide popularity among its customers due to its attractive appearance when used and its reasonable price.

Popular among customers

Apart from this cosmetic product yet another new addition to the market these days is the feather touch eyebrows. This product has also gained popularity among its customers because when used it accentuates your features and enhances your natural beauty. It is only natural that when a new product is introduced to the market we all rush to the nearest cosmetic store and purchase this product because we all like to look attractive at the end of the day. If you do not wish to purchase cosmetics all the time, you can just get a cosmetic tattoo procedure done. 

However it is important to remember that your face is more important than a new product introduced to the market. So when you decide to purchase such a product make sure to visit a reputed cosmetic store.

Reputed store

Cosmetic technology is far advanced these days. So you won’t have a problem finding a reputed cosmetic store because there are many such stores in most parts of the country. If you visit a reputed cosmetic store the experienced staff will be more than happy to tell you what exactly you need to purchase in keeping with your skin colour. They will also advice you on how best you should take care of your eyes once you have used the product.

Getting Ready For Your Wedding – The Beauty Regiment

A wedding, for a girl, is the most important day of her life. It is the day that a girl looks forward to most and the day that she gets to dress up to her heart’s content. On the day of a girl’s wedding, she is absolutely the star of the occasion. All attention is focused on her and her loved one. On such a day, it is important that a girl looks and feels good. If she cannot feel good, then it takes a lot of effort to look good. Feeling good on one’s wedding day, therefore, is of prime importance. Looking good on the day of the wedding is not as easy task and cannot be achieved overnight. To have that glowing skin, sparkling eyes and shiny hair, you need to put in some effort, starting at least 6 months before the wedding. Here are some tips to put into your wedding beauty regiment.
Get treatment for skin conditions
Not everyone is blessed with that flawless, unblemished skin. On the contrary most of us are plagued with various skin disorders such as eczema, pimples and blemishes. This is part and parcel of being a girl and the various hormonal imbalances that comes with it. Fortunately for you, there is treatment for such skin aliments. So start thinking about skin treatments at least six months before the wedding, as it would take some time for the treatments to kick in. Speak to a dermatologist regarding your skin conditions or turn to natural and herbal medicine such as emu oil products to treat various skin problems.
Start a daily skin care routine
Even if you are one of those fortunate people who don’t have any severe skin problems, you would definitely want your skin to glow on your wedding day. Unfortunately, skin does not start to glow overnight. So you would need to start a daily skin care routine at least three months before your wedding. If you have already passed the three months mark, don’t disregard the whole thing. Start now. Things such as emu oil products don’t need months and months to work. So start a daily skin care routine of cleansing with emu oil products , scrubbing and toning. Make sure to pick the right skin care brands before you start.
Look after your hair

Hair is something that most women ignore altogether before their wedding. With so much stress, your hair will be the worst hit victim by the time the wedding rolls around. So start your hair treatments with pure emu oil early. Go for an oil massage once in two weeks. Switch to a good brand of shampoo and conditioner to make sure that your hair is glowing and healthy on your big day.


The Best Shades For Finger Nails For The Office Worker

If you need to go for a professional workstation where bright colors and fashionable trends are not favored upon, you will have to find ways to show your individuality without incurring the wrath of your supervisor. So here are the best shades for you try out without standing out too much but still being fashionable enough without an issue.

● PURE ICE Taupe Drawer

This gorgeous shade of lilac comes in a low temperature in the scale of colours but it is still great to look at and will fit into any outfit of pastel shades that you have in your closet. Pure Ice nails usually last longer and you can go for their gel shades with a UV nail lamp if you would like to look the best without too much trouble.

● Nude

Nude shoes, nude suit, nude nails, this shade never goes out of trend and you can go all nude and people still will think that it is great. The most neutral and natural shade that will compliment your skin tone and not look out of place with your office attire, this timeless shade will come in handy in any situation.

● Navy blue

While you can go metallic or go for the gel ones with the UV nail lamp, navy blue with or without glitter makes a great addition to your fashion getup. Although it is not the best for going undercover, if you want a pop of colour without being overwhelming, this rebellious shade will make your outfit rock and also it looks professional if you do a clean job in applying it.

● Forest green

When you top up a black coating with the green you have in your set of fingernail polish, you will get the ultimate shade of forest deep green that will make your fingers look amazing. It is earthy and also very calming so it will not stand out as if you are wearing bright even though it is a dark shade of the colour spectrum.

● Grey

This eternal shade came into the trend in the recent months and has been on the trendiest list for a while. If you apply a coat of matte finish to this colour it will end up looking glamorous and also professional without too much hassle.

● Pink

The softest you can go, the best it will look. Pink is a shade that you can apply on the go and it will still look great even with one coat regardless of which brand you are using. You can go for salmon pink for a shade darker or go for baby pink when you are in the pastel shades mood.

Make the best of your inner fashion guru and go for gorgeous shades now in the trend list for professional work life too.